Riscy Pygness for the Cortex-M3

This port is an adaptation of Frank Sergeant's Riscy Pygness port to the Cortex-M3: http://pygmy.utoh.org/riscy/

Its been adapted to my own particular needs for a tiny forth that integrates well with a larger C environment that utilizes interrupt handlers for hard timing



  1. A Cortex-M3 System with at least 4k of flash and 2k of RAM.
  2. A Working assembler and c compiler for Thumb-2. I use GCC configured for eabi.
  3. A method for installing the flash image into your device. OpenOCD works well on these devices.
  4. Working initialization code for your device that sets up the clocks, the UART, the peripheral ports, and sets up the chip to support the WFI instruction.
  5. A Copy of the TI StellarisWare Libraries, if running on a Stellaris Cortex-M3



Download it here: riscypygness-lm3s-20111110.tar.gz

Sockpuppet API (SAPI) for Cortex-M3

The Sockpuppet API allows language independant access to a boot or interrupt layer. I developed it so that I could remove all of the machine initialization code from Forth, and so that Forth can interface to existing C libraries on the TI/Stellaris and ST Micro Cortex-M3 CPUs. It includes a SVC dispatcher in assembly and a launcher to reside within main().

Download it here: sapi-20120428.tar.gz

- Robert Sexton, robert@thisdomain.